24 X 7 Customer Support

The most important factor of running an enterprise is to keep a keen eye on the business health. Customer support is an unattended field in many establishments but the work ethic of Eponasys Technologies Technologies strongly includes the area in its top priority service. Clients are our roots to keep us strong in the field and erasing their project related worries and queries are important to grow a sustainable and stable business firm. Client satisfaction is our ultimate goal and hence we provide uninterrupted customer support to meet their needs. This is indeed a core sector of our service provided.

Voice Support

We provide customer service over calls with dedicated involvement of technical personals to supervise and for providing right technical directions for the customer queries. We successfully manages tele-calls from marketing perspective to support our clients, generating valuable leads to improve the sales output. Virtual assistance through calls can help to clear the hurdles and to ensure smooth processing for the customers. Eponasys Technologies Technologies maintains all the three L1, L2 and L3 levels of customer support and manages to ensure full time support.

Non-voice support

We keep it our responsibility to manage uninterrupted customer support through non-voice services namely emails and chats. We provide both technical and non technical support as and which the customer demands associated with a particular process. A highlight from our part is the remote IT infrastructure monitoring and proactive support.