IOT - Data Security

In recent years the internet of things (IoT) has been a focus of IT. Security and privacy are the key issues for IoT applications, and still face some huge challenges. In order to facilitate this emerging domain, B-On started paying attention to IoT data security. More broadly, IoT refers to the vision of a world where sensors, intelligence and connectivity are embedded into systems. As we become increasingly reliant on intelligent, interconnected devices in every aspect of our lives, how do we protect potentially billions of them from intrusion and interference that could compromise personal privacy or threaten public safety?

Our services range from high-level tasks such as security architecture and analysis, assessment and testing, as well as security technology implementation. Our data protection solutions integrate with your existing security infrastructure, enabling you to reduce costs while protecting sensitive data and achieving compliance objectives. We can help you to build a bridge between business and IT security and to implement security related regulations, secure points and frameworks across your IT environment.

Eponasys Technologies is focusing on delivering the current state-of-the-art IT data security controls, optimized for the new and extremely complex embedded applications driving the Internet of Things (IoT). We specialized into cloud security, access control and middleware security. Our vertical expertise spans across manufacturing, finance, Education, healthcare, Insurance, telecom and many more. Our solutions can be deployed on network shares, file servers, web servers, application servers, database servers, or other machines running Linux / windows compatible software.