Testing and Quality Assurance Services at Epanosys

Testing and Quality Assurance Services

Eponasys Technologies, a leading professional testing service provider in Singapore, UK (London) and USA. We understand the business of the clients and provide context-driven and quality software testing services to help them gain a competitive edge. Our experienced team in Singapore, UK (London) and our offshore center India can help you test the functional and non-functional aspects of the system. We leverage our expertise in the testing domain to help you discover potential issues that matter the most to your stakeholders. We have worked with the organizations of various sizes and have delivered testing services in both waterfall and agile context.

Software Testing and QA Tools Used By Eponasys Technologies

At Epanosys, the biggest tool we rely on is our brain. We believe that good testing is an investigative activity and we use tools such as notes, checklists, mind maps along with other tools that can help us with the investigation, automation, or the management of the testing process.